Helper, Utah is becoming a hot spot for art studios and art galleries. This iconic mining town has the potential to be a vibrant urban getaway. Check out the link in the side menu to learn more about the Helper Arts Festival. The region’s natural attractions include the San Rafael Swell, Buckhorn Wash, Range Creek, 9-Mile Canyon, Goblin Valley, Scofield State Park and more sites that attract visitors from around the world. Check out the videos below to learn more about some of the local hotspots.

Emery County Hotspot

Carbon County Hotspot

Carbon Corridor and The Swell call for the following investments:

Create a tourism infrastructure investment fund.

Assist with Main Street beautification.

Improve wayfinding and signage.

Invest in transportation infrastructure (such as airports and regional airstrips).

Invest in visitor centers and other recreation and visitor assets.